Philosophy & Policy


  • Worship begins and ends with us yielding our hearts and lives to God.
  • Worship is responding to God’s worth and works, being in His presence, and being formed into the image of Christ.
  • Worship must be anchored in biblical truth and sound theology.
  • Worship should involve the whole person, soul and body. Namely: sound, sight, touch, taste, smell, practical service + mind, will, emotions, spiritual disciplines.
  • The worship gathering serves to punctuate and perpetuate, not substitute, an ongoing habit of seeking God, walking in the Spirit, and serving.
  • Worship music should provide people with songs they can sing throughout the week as sermons to themselves, their families, and others.
  • Worship team members have hearts of worship expressed in humble service and affection toward God and each other.
  • Worship team members cultivate character, unity, skill and confidence.
  • Worship team members lead worship by example on and off the clock.


  • Everyone on the worship team should be able to share a word of edification or pray on behalf of the team; so, we all take turns leading devotions and prayer.
  • Worship team members should have a scheduled day off from ministry every month, if possible, in order to prevent burnout, foster a healthy spirituality, and maintain a proper perspective.
  • Members of the worship team should have one thing they are working to improve at all times. Reasonable, incremental growth—in spirituality, relationships, theology, ministry, and ability—should be the norm. What one thing are you working on right now?


“It is crucial to realize that grace is not opposed to effort, but to earning. Earning is an attitude, effort is action. Without effort, we would be nowhere.” – Dallas Willard


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