Welcome to Scrambled Age!

SHAWNMy name is Shawn. This is my personal blogsite where I share my music, ministry, and musings, an attempt at…

Finding meaning in a mixed up world.

My Life

I am a stay-at-home dad learning how to love, raise, and disciple my kids–teaching them God’s Word and training them to walk in His ways. In an age of confusion, I want them to grow up knowing what is good, right and true.

I am also a worship leader, always concerned to make sound theology the basis of our devotion to God. There is one true God and we are made in His image; we must not attempt to fit Him into a mold of our own making.

You Are Here

My goal for this blog is to invite you to take steps with me toward truth and transformation in all aspects of life. I am always evaluating myself and my endeavors, looking for ways to grow. I want to share insights from my journey and encourage you in yours.

You are who you are by what you have done and what you do now shapes who you become.

Moving Forward

Since I was a teenager I felt God’s call on my life to minister to people ages 2 to 20. Now that I am a parent and a little older (wiser?), I see my focus shifting to include toddlers to twenty-somethings, their families, and anyone who has ears to hear.

Wherever you are on your journey, it’s time to take the next step!

The Truth Is Out There

My academic journey has been rather eclectic, including degrees in Liberal Studies and Communication, with many of my classes being in music, child development, and religion.

As an undergrad, I kept coming back to two themes: finding common ground in the Church and communicating truth in a postmodern culture. The latter became the topic of my senior thesis, the central metaphor being that of the scrambled egg: the yoke represents objective truth. When the egg is scrambled we cannot distinguish the yoke from the egg white, but it is still there and we can be nourished by it. The same is true in our scrambled age. It is increasingly difficult to distinguish what is real and true in our culture. Nevertheless, the truth is still there and we can know it.

“Do not be conformed to this age, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” (Romans 12:2)

This preoccupation with truth eventually led to graduate studies in Christian Apologetics, which gave me a solid biblical foundation and allowed me to focus on two of my favorite subjects:  historical theology and cultural apologetics.

Of all the classes I took, lectures I attended, and books I read, the most impacting thing I learned in grad school was the need for careful biblical hermeneutics. Sharing the principles of biblical interpretation has been the cornerstone of all my teaching and discipleship endeavors ever since. If we could just train more Christians to rightly divide God’s Word (2 Timothy 2:15) we could address so much of the unbiblical teaching, misguided attitudes, and embarassing acts committed in the name of Christ. There could be less fodder for disbelief and more people with sound doctrine and godly character radiating God’s grace.

The best defense of the Christian faith is a faithful Christian.

Walk With Me

Join me as I seek to build faith and be faithful in this scrambled age. You can  follow me on Facebook and Twitter for updates on new posts. If you would like to read something right now, try A Letter to Little C, one of my favorite posts.

Enjoy the journey!