"Life Comes Crashing Down" (The Ground Beneath Me)

Life comes crashing down,
Goes whizzing by.
God, where are you now?
Did I see you
In the corner of
My failing sight?
I turn my head;
You are not there.
A thought illumes
My clouded mind:
I remember where.
Lord, I feel you
Underneath my feet,
As the dew-kissed grass
Softens my step.
You are the ground beneath me.

Keep me from sinking
Though I might fall.
The rain has fallen.
Already soaked,
Father, I beg you,
Have mercy. I
Need a sunlit day.
Are you the clouds?
I’m afraid you are.
I think you are.
You’re the sunlight too.
Cycle of life,
You are everything.
You make me grow.
Is this what it takes?
Is this the way of beauty?

The path of wholeness
alludes my heart,
The fog of life comes.
Down, defeated,
I fall down again,
God, save my wretched,
Unholy soul.
I am defiled.
I am deceived.
Weakened by the world,
Held in its might.
I feel so dirty.
If I still sin
Am I pure at all?
Will you be a light in me?

Oh please be a light!
Don’t let me fade.
About being sick
I’m not worried.
Of the final death,
I’m not afraid.
What I fear the most
Is being void
Of the wonder found
In you presence
And the beauty
You create in me.
What I dread is
Being dead in works,
Giving no grace,
Not adding to your kingdom.

So be the ground beneath me.
Show me the way of beauty.
Shine your holiness through me.


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