"I Hear the Violin"

I hear the Violin, outside, down the alleyway.
It reminds me of the love I longed to have with you,
Telling a story of how it might have been together,
Melancholy, romantic, mystical, whimsical.
Drunken in love with you.
The phone rings; I ignore.
The beauty of the song has captured me.
Every twist and turn in melody
Sparks my mind, takes me away.
Tears well up inside.
It reminds me of a place I have never been,
The very place I always want to be.
In some ways, I think it might be heaven,
But I know it is really you and me.
The music stopped for a moment.
I heard the chirp of birds and felt the memory of what will come.
Now, again the music plays,
A sad song, a melody broken, a string of notes that cannot find its way.
Searching, feeling lonely, trying to make sense, trying to, trying to make…
Stuck in rut, over and over, the same pattern, but no rhyme,
It tries. It tries! Remembers what it can. It strives to find the memory.
Other noises all around drowning out the music, burying my soul.
Then wait! I hear it! The music of my dream,
Only solitary, tentative. I feel the sense of rhythm. But why?
A joyful tone is not applied.
Where is the heart of the song?
It’s gone.
Still, a hint at the past, my future with you,
Then finality.
It’s over.
Silence, no birds.
Will I ever hear that song again?


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