Our True Glory

Get into gear! Yes, Fall is here, the changing of seasons, the drift into winter, the launching pad of holidays, and the end of the year is being summoned. This time of year seems to go by so quickly. Of course, it has been said that we say that every year. My conclusion? Life is short. It seems we get about 80 years in life these days. That means I’ve lived at least a quarter of my life already. What will I do with the rest of my days?

I can tell you that I am personally going through a new season of life. Like leaves falling from trees God is stripping away things in my life and my heart and leaving me emotionally and spiritually bare—transparent and vulnerable before Him. He is exposing me, revealing not only his heart for me, but my own heart to me. He is helping me face my weaknesses and lack. I fall terribly short of his design for my life in so many ways—as a son, brother, friend, leader, and ambassador of God’s kingdom. But God is not showing me this to make me feel bad or by way of scolding me. In fact, I feel his love more deeply and his presence more surely than before. I have a real sense of his guidance and hand on every moment and detail of my life.

See, the thing about a tree losing its leaves is we get to see its true glory. Its glory does not come from the beauty of its leaves but from the nourishment of the soil, rain and sun. The tree digs its roots into the ground and gets its life from a source beyond itself, as rain and soil mix. And it stretches its branches up high to take in the rays of the sun. In the same way, when we are laid bare before God, we can see what we really need, what truly sustains us: God’s Word, God’s Spirit, and God’s Love. Without Him we can do nothing.


What do you think?

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