The Spirit Is Moving

A friend just wrote me that “as we accept the dare, and move, it’s good to know that He who beckons us has our best and the ultimate experience in mind.” Is that what we’re after? The Ultimate Experience? What would that look like? How would it feel? I can say that today, truly, God gave me a glimpse.

I woke up to the wonder of my girlfriend on the phone as she discovered the snow covered ground outside. I greeted my parents as they went out the door to church. As I got ready for church, I got a call from a friend going through some struggles and got to pray with him. I got to church and led a discussion about the evidence for who Jesus is. I sat with my cousins in church, and a newly single and unemployed girl who was worshipping wholeheartedly for the first time in a while. I got to eat with my cousins and talk with them as Christians and not just family (the most wonderful kind of fellowship in the world). I spent the rest of my day at church. I put new strings on my bass for the first time in a year, rehearsed songs, led a worship band, and led our Sunday night service. The Spirit moved.

Before service we prayed, not just the band, but the guest pastor and our sound man too. We were the team God assembled. I was expecting a bass player and a keyboardist. But it ended up being the drummer, electric guitarist, and vocalist and me on bass. I have never (skillfully and successfully) led worship or a band whilst playing a bass guitar. I was planning on playing acoustic guitar. But the arrangements came together. And, as the band would attest, there was something different tonight, not the music. The Spirit moved.

As the guitarist remarked, it was as if it wasn’t him playing. The drummer was inexplicably excited about the worship set. And our vocalist was immersed in the Spirit. I also realized in the middle of our time of worship how God had taken over… I said things I never planned on and they were perfect. The Spirit moved. The guest pastor gave his testimony and gave a call of response in which many were prayed for. It was reminiscent of my old Pentecostal days, but in the American Baptist Church! As I was talking with him about the order of service before, we both let on that we had some charismatic leanings. I guess with our Baptist pastors on vacation we had a little more freedom to follow the leading of the Spirit in that trademark charismatic fashion. We were a good team today. God used us both. And there was even a word of knowledge at the end. The Spirit moved!

I got to see my girlfriend today, after two days and and lot of trials in between. As I exited the prayer room she was walking into the sanctuary and I hugged her tight. We went out to eat together, with four others, after church. The fellowship was great, and the food. The Spirit moved!

I was able to call her before she fell asleep and tell her how I feel for her, and how I know. The Spirit moved.

I checked my email and found one from two friends, one friend from high school and another from college, both encouraging. The friend from high school saying how wonderful of a writer I am, which was rather affirming. Then I remembered the amazing writings of my other friend and was humbled. The Spirit moved.

God used me today….God used me! He changed lives through my offering. And He blessed me so much. My cup is running over. The Spirit is moving.


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