The Great Witness of John Paul II

May the Lord bless the witness of John Paul the Great, our faithful brother in the Faith, who lived a steadfast life, not because he thought it was a good way of life but because he knew it was the way of Truth. Yes, he reached out to those of other beliefs, not in compromise, but because the way of Truth leads to love. May his commitment to Christ be preeminent in the eulogies of the coming days.


2 thoughts on “The Great Witness of John Paul II”

  1. Apparently, an article by George Weigel in the Wall Street Journal (4/4/05) described why Pope John Paul II was such a good leader. Here are some quotes from that article.”… For if there is only your truth and my truth and neither one of us recognizes a transcendent moral standard (call it “the truth”) by which to settle our differences, then either you will impose your power on me or I will impose my power on you; Nietszche, great, mad prophet of the 20th century, got at least that right.””Freedom uncoupled from truth, John Paul taught, leads to chaos and thence to new forms of tyranny. For, in the face of chaos (or fear), raw power will inexorably replace persuasion, compromise, and agreement as the coin of the political realm. The false humanism of freedom misconstrued as “I did it my way” inevitably leads to freedom’s decay, and then to freedom’s self-cannibalization. This was not the soured warning of an anti-modern scold; this was the sage counsel of a man who had given his life to freedom’s cause from 1939 on …””… A vibrant public moral culture is essential for democracy and the market, for only such a culture can inculcate and affirm the virtues necessary to make freedom work …”


  2. “Do not abandon yourselves to despair. We are the Easter people and hallelujah is our song.” – John Paul II


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