If We Do Not Argue . . . How Can We Ever Agree?

I must share a quote I have come across as I believe it ought to be a fundamental guideline of human intercourse. It is a statement that, once I read it, I realized I had always believed and sought within myself to achieve it. It is sound advice for the serious shaper of souls.

“Argument, properly understood and subject always to charity, is merely a dialogue in which both parties intend to arrive at the truth, or at least end up closer to it. The argument must never deteriorate into a quarrel, something which must be considered scandalous among Christians of whatever persuasion, but if we do not argue these issues how can we ever agree–even if ultimately we only agree to differ?” (Joseph Pearce, C.S. Lewis and the Catholic Church, XXX)


One thought on “If We Do Not Argue . . . How Can We Ever Agree?”

  1. Argue for the sake of getting at the truth not for the sake of winning. Something I must remind myself of constantly.


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