"I Am With You"

Go up to the mountain
Gather all you need
Come rebuild my temple
So that all can see

I am with you. I will cause you to succeed
Always with you, I will show you my glory

Leave your paneled houses
Touch no unclean thing
I will shake the heavens
Destroy your enemies

I am with you. I will take you as my own
Always with you, and my house will be your home

Why, in the land of milk and honey,
Do we work so hard for nothing?
We are people of the promise,
Yet a drought is upon us.
Woe, we’ve been toiling in our name,
In our own strength, and to our shame,
We have left God’s house in ruin
We have failed to worship Him

I am with you. I have chosen you today
Always with you, so take courage in my strength

©2007. Inspired by the Old Testament book of Haggai


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